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Photography, Branding and Design, for small businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs across Manchester, the North West and Yorkshire.

Book Design

Designed to stand out on the bookshelf. 

If you’re a publisher outsourcing design or an author going down the self-publishing route, I can work with you on the full book design process including creative concepting for the cover design as well as internal layout / page design and typesetting.

I specialise in Christian non-fiction, business, lifestyle and photographic/artist books, but am always open to working in another genre.

Depending on your brief, I create elegant, bold and attractive typographic covers, sometimes abstract, sometimes incorporating minimalist illustration, either hand drawn line art or vector artwork.

COVER DESIGN. Publisher: 10Publishing. The client requested the cover to be based around a key or lock concept, so this simple idea was used and emphasised with bold, clear typography and an attractive colour palette to have broad appeal.
COVER DESIGN. Publisher: The Message Trust. This concept played on the theme of a manifesto, taking subtle inspiration from political posters and protest signage and artwork. The background text is Jesus’ words, as recorded in the Gospel of Luke, that the book is based around.

Internals / typesetting

The interior of a book is just as important, although less flashy, it’s where the subtleties of design can make a real impact on your reader’s experience. Using InDesign software, I design for clear readibility, and have a selection of carefully designed house styles that self-publishing authors can choose for me to work from. Equally I am happy to work with you to create a bespoke layout and design or use the publisher’s house style. With a discerning eye for detail, I will make sure your files are pre-press ready.

Photography and art books

These require an additional sensitivity and with my photographic background I understand the importance of allowing the work to speak for itself. From layout and formatting captions to assisting with the edit and placement of images, I can help present your work to its best.

COVER DESIGN. Publisher: The Message Trust. A compendium of short real-life stories from urban communities that are part of the Eden Network. The cover layout mimicked the shape of the logo, which symbolises the rebuilding of deprived neighbourhoods. It also allowed me to incorporate a lot of the photography used within the book, showcasing the range of stories included, as requested by the client.
INTERNAL DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY. Publisher: The Message Trust. A compendium of short real-life stories from urban communities that are part of the Eden Network. I produced the photography for the majority of the book, and wanted to give plenty of room for the images, whilst inviting the reader into the story. As a hybrid of a brochure and book, it had a call to action and different sections are marked out with strong distinguishing layouts.

What clients say…

“Hannah is a talented designer and illustrator, who is also a pleasure to work with. She is both creative and thorough and has end-to-end experience from concept to final preparation for print/publication. She has created two original book cover illustrations for me and is advising on page design and layout.”

Iain Dunbar, Author

“An amazingly talented designer who always produces designs that are of the highest quality. She has undertaken a number of different projects for The Message Trust. Each time she spends time with clients listening carefully to what they are wanting and using this to inform every aspect of the design.”

Kate Ruddick, The Message Trust

COVER DESIGN. Publisher: The Message Trust. The client requested a ‘blueprint’ concept to visualise the idea of Jesus’ plan for his people. Incorporating the familiar icon of a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, gives an immediate indication of the subject matter, helping the book stand out.
COVER DESIGN. Publisher: The Message Trust. This Portuguese book translates as ‘Uncomplicated Evangelism’ and aims to explain and demystify evangelism. The cover design uses a simple and straightforward concept to match the subject matter, with a cross subtly ‘erased’ from a tangled mess of lines.
Full cover spread layout, including back cover, spine and cover flaps
COVER DESIGN. Self-published. A photography book, based on a personal photography project looking at churches and Christian groups across Manchester.
INTERNAL DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY. A self-published photography book, based on a personal photography project looking at churches and Christian groups across Manchester. A square format was chosen to display landscape and portrait photographs to their best. Sensitive pairing of pictures on a spread and elegant typography was required to add context without detracting from the photography.
ILLUSTRATION AND COVER DESIGN. Publisher: Iain Dunbar. Commissed by a self-published author for this pair of books. The brief was to create an illustrated cover that showed an older figure teaching a skill, such as carpentry to a younger apprentice.
Second workbook to accompany Something For You To Do.
COVER DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION. Self-published book: a guide for Christians who are new to Passover, on how to celebrate this ancient meal. The illustration shows the door posts within the Passover story, as well as suggesting an open doorway and freedom – concepts that are integral to Passover.
COVER DESIGN. Maintaining the same clear and simple design for Portuguese and German translations of the book, The Simple Gospel.
German translation of the book, The Simple Gospel.